Art in a Family

I love that my kids are creative ~ personally I grew up in a non-artistic family and it's tough traveling this eccentric road alone. So when it came to raising my boys I nurtured their desires for self expression. It wasn't easy but as it turned out I wound up with three uniquely creative souls ~ a writer, a musician, and the oldest... well, you name it, he does it; sculpting, drawing, tattooing, etc.

While I could write sheets and sheets about all three and their inspiring talents, today I simply wanted to share a little bit about my second son, the musician. You see he's coming out with a new album soon and of course being the beaming mom I'm promoting it, but there's really more to it than just a simple album.

This is his third album, titled "Old Heart New Love", and it's in followup to his first "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" ~ written about a heart-wrenching breakup (hopefully his first and last). This album moves on from that starting point and embraces progress.  While all of his albums feature an amazing assortment of his original music and lyrics, there are striking differences between them.  Originally performed solo, he's now joined by a talented ensemble of band members and that, coupled with professional sound mixing, has brought a new multidimensional quality and depth to his music.

Beyond these aspects their fans and public are sure to love, it's the cooperative efforts and personal journeys I'm most inspired by.  From indie musicians to artists, this album is a collective labor of love and dedication. They've supported the entire production themselves and worked day and night around their "real" jobs, to see this dreams come true.

Moreover I'm captivated by the albums' artwork, all of which was created by one of my son's closest friends. Seeing how the imagery  has evolved over time from an original plucked flower to a skinned tattoo with thumping heart has been mesmerizing and stands as a visual representation of the progression and growth of this band and my son's music.

Here's a pre-released single if you'd like to have a listen to "She Shakes My Foundation" by Sound of a Smirk:

While preparing the artwork for print I've had the chance to personally delve into the details of this newest album.  While I love it all, my personal favorite is the t'shirt that comes with preordering the album ~ you see  how the heart is there between the hands which are dripping into petals, but did you notice it looks like a flower? I didn't at first.

As far as the journey ~ it's simply priceless to witness our children grow through life. As parents we shutter at their pitfalls and rise in delight with their triumphs. So seeing them grow through heartbreak, coming out the other side wiser, happier, and stronger, are the some of the greatest blessings we can hold. 

Having a creative soul for a child takes that even further, enabling us to possess "markers" of their journeys ~ whether it's a painting, a poem, or songs woven into an album, they tap into the souls of our dearhearts and allow us to share even deeper in their experiences.  These are all the miracles of art in a family and the truest treasurers of this life.

And so I encourage you to follow this talented band, Sound of a Smirk, on Facebook, have a listen to their pre-releases, and preorder their bundle. Appreciating true creativity across generations is what fuels our deepest relationships ~ so listen, share, and enjoy, but most of all ~ preorder. *smile*



  1. Oh wow how exciting! I remember when he was trying to win the competition with his song 'Shed Off Old Skin' about a year ago when I first heard his music. I left the song up on my blog until the music player stopped working. Lol it is crazy to hear the difference in his newer songs. They are great.

  2. we grew up the same Sharon, although loving the written word is loving art, I missed the visual arts, my parents didn't understand. As a mama I encouraged any spark, just like you!
    My son spent years in a band, singing, playing lead guitar and writing songs that made me weep...but his girlfriend couldn't handle it...him being a bit of a celeb here... and for that reason he quit. I am sad about it, but I can't interfere with his path.
    That said {after-all, this is not about me} LaLaLa
    I am buying his CD, as I have before, because I LOVE KIDS WHO LOVE THE ARTS (and the moms who raised them)
    Happy I still have my Mia the dancer...I am sure Leo will go back to his is soul after-all, Love to you♥

  3. You have every reason to be proud - I am listening to the soundtrack now. Really good!

  4. Sharon,
    Your boys are blessed to have you for a mom, encouraging, promoting and letting them go to live and love their dreams! My dad was a very creative and talented artist but preferred alcohol over all, so he never pursued what he could really do. I get it from him (The Art) and now I am like the old woman in the shoe who has so many artists she doesn't know what to do! ha! My entire crew, two kids, grandchildren are all extremely talented and creative! My husband is not, but his heart of Gold supports all our craziness! God restored all I missed and more! I plan to buy his CD and love to support the Arts and those who love it in any way possible!
    XO Kim



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