Colorful T

We're lovin' this new Treasury created by Aurelia Felt Studio titled Colorful T which includes our Whimsical Bookmark/Tags, row 4, colmn 2 ~ thanks Aurelia!



  1. Hi- long time no see from me- I have been a recluse for a year, very busy with study, work and family commitments- thought to drop by and visit my blog- I lost some of your free button so, I just re add them again, just to let you know, and my blogging tutorial I purchased from you-it's great I can go back and learn from scratch again, hopefully I can do a bit more blogging- thank you for sharing your free buttons- you are such a talented lady- you make and create such beautiful things- take care-many thanks again Alma xo

  2. Hello,
    Sorry it has been so long since I was last on. I hope that you don't mind this comment wasn't real sure where else to contact you. But I have been talking forever about getting a blog theme created by you and I think I am ready to make that happen. I was looking through the etsy shop and I won't lie I was at a bit of a loss at where to start. Was just wondering if you have an recommendations.

  3. Please come back to my site when you can. Thanks for joining and come see my thank you post to you.


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