Artist's Spotlight ~ Shelby Scott Photography

It's always a treat to share the creative talents of other artists but none more so than when there's a personal connection.  In this case it happens to be the inspiring talent of Shelby Scott Photography.

The personal connection is through our middle son, shown below in the bottom right. Artists always seem to converge and such was the case as they became good friends in high school, several years ago.  Shelby, shown below with painted face and further down with seaward hair (love that), has since moved on to college where she's just graduated with her degree from the Antonelli Institute.

Watching our kids grow through childhood is filled with so many special moments but watching them emerge into adulthood and begin to pave their own way in this world fills us with pride, wonder, and excitement.  We can only begin to imagine the roads they'll travel and how they'll impact this world through their own talents.

One thing is for certain, we've absolutely no doubt that where ever this gifted artist goes, success is sure to be her constant companion as she journeys through life!

You can view more of her work at:  and



  1. This is a wonderful piece on an amazing young artist. Both she and your son are so talented, Sharon. It is truly the heart of a lion attracting itself when it comes to artists. My daughter has the coolest group of artsy friends that always keep me in awe with their talents and creativity. Of course we could include you in the section, for you are one of the most gifted artists I have had the privilege of encountering. Your work is whimsical, poetic and gorgeous. I hope you are well, my sweet soul. Mina


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